Saturday, April 22, 2017

Enigma Stones

"Project Bathroom" is almost done! I'm just waiting on a couple of deliveries of hardware and then I can hook it all back up........can't wait for that first shower in a much nicer space!
will take you to my other blog if you want to see what I've been up to. I did employ a few measuring and sewing skills to make a roman blind for the bathroom window - practice run for the others I want to make for the house.

I've been finding it difficult to get back into my normal work rhythm after all the hard work in the bathroom, but I'm trying to be disciplined..........I have an artist demonstration day coming up next month and I need work to show and hopefully sell, so I've been making a few more in the "Enigma Stone" series. This is no. IV and no. V is almost done as well. I'm catching up on orders and generally slotting back into life as it was Before Bathroom Reno!


Monday, April 3, 2017

Thinking About My Next Project.......

I have been very "into" my latest house renovation project - the bathroom - (read about it at ) and even though I have great intentions of making dolls and art in the evenings, the truth is, I am usually too tired to do more than eat dinner and fall asleep in front of the TV before dragging myself off to bed! Just an occasional glass of wine........

But that doesn't mean I'm not thinking about my next doll is even started and when I get this bathroom monkey off my back in a week or two, there will be no holding me back! And I'll even have the promise of a lovely hot shower at the end of the day, which I don't have at the moment. I'm having to do with inconvenient ablutions in the laundry trough with the occasional
"stolen" shower from friends while my bathroom is out of action. Nothing like the lack of a proper bathroom to motivate speedy work!
Here are my current bathing facilities:

So here is my next project, just waiting until I have time:

As you can see, this doll will have a jointed neck. She will have a jointed cloth body and I'm working on ideas for finishing her off. Soon, I hope!


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Where Did Summer Go?

Oh goodness! Suddenly it's mid-March and I realize that the whole summer has passed by without a single post here. I really must get back to updating this blog regularly - I blame that insidious Facebook thingy - it kind of takes over in the online space somewhat!

Anyway, I may not have been blogging much, but I HAVE been, garden and creating things to sell in my Etsy store (Still have to keep the wolf away somehow!) So today I'm posting lots of pictures of recent work to catch up, with promise to self that I will blog much more regularly. 

I had a bumper lavender harvest this year, so I used some of it to make small things like these woven lavender bottles and silk pyramids

A fox and a hare............. and a little fox

Some child dolls:

A few lovely alfresco lunches in my back garden with dear friends:

Much baking......

The odd fish and bird:

Some full moons and trips:

Home renos slow and steady........

..........lots of flowers:

   AND ME!


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